The most common complaint we receive on Front Loading washing machines is that they are making a loud banging noise during the spin cycle.

Front loaders that were purchased in the last 7-10 years have this problem.  Unfortunately, it is the warning that the tripod that supports the clothes basket has broken.

 This repair is so costly in parts and labor, that it is not worth spending the money.  If you are experiencing this symptom, please call to confirm.

If the diagnosis is correct, we will advise that you put your money towards a new washer, instead of a service charge from us.


Most front loaders are HE (High Efficiency).  Which means that your washing machine uses less soap than regular older washing machines.

as a result, there is not enough water to wash away the amount of soap that you would put an older washer.

 Especially not enough water to wash away to highly potent HE soap that is REQUIRED for using your new washer.

Soap build up can result in your washing machine stinking.  It can also create many other problems.

 Soap residue can destroy delicate sensors in the drive-train of your washer, as well as corrode the integral metal supports inside your washing machine.

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