Our background is a bit different from most...and we're proud of that!

Rodger started QC Appliance Repair after years of struggling to be a successful business owner. Tired of being broke and trying to do things his own way, he tried a different approach. He turned to God and asked for help.

God provided a way, Rodger humbled himself and did the work, and today he's thankful to have a business he's proud of.

He got his training from years of working on appliances and managing apartments, and then went through a formal program through Midwest Technical Institute in Illinois. In December 2012, QC Appliance Repair was officially born.

Our journeys influence our outlook and shape our beliefs. We believe everyone is capable of succeeding in all areas of life. Find your dream, set a goal, and make it happen!

Proudly Serving the Quad Cities of Iowa and Illinois

Hours: Monday - Friday
                  9:00am - 5:00pm